Assisting with Website ADA Compliance

In the digital age it is crucial that everyone, regardless of their abilities, is able to access and navigate websites with ease. AccessiBe, a leading website ADA compliance solution, has emerged as a prominent player in this pursuit, aiming to make the internet more inclusive and accessible for all users.

What is AccessiBe?

AccessiBe is a comprehensive website ADA compliance service we use at Riverworks Marketing that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to automate the process of making websites accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Why did Riverworks choose AccessiBe as our website ADA compliance tool?

In an attempt to assist businesses’ accessibility online, as well as to ensure compliance with legal requirements and industry best practices, Riverworks chose to move forward with AccessiBe for a variety of reasons.

AI-Powered Automated Accessibility
AccessiBe’s AI technology scans and analyzes website elements to understand their structure, functionality, and content. It then automatically applies adjustments and enhancements to make the website accessible for users with disabilities. This includes improving keyboard navigation, adding alternative text to images, optimizing color contrast, and more.

User Interface Adjustments
AccessiBe provides a range of user interface adjustments, such as text size and spacing customization, font modifications, etc. These features allow users to personalize the website according to their preferences, ensuring a more comfortable browsing experience.

Screen Reader Compatibility
AccessiBe enhances compatibility with screen readers, tools that are essential for individuals with visual impairments. It achieves this by generating alternative descriptions (alt text) for images and visual elements on the website, enabling screen readers to convey the information accurately.

Keyboard Navigation Optimization
AccessiBe ensures that websites can be easily navigated using only a keyboard, eliminating barriers for individuals who cannot use a mouse or other pointing devices. This feature is especially helpful for people with motor disabilities or those who rely on assistive technologies like switches or head pointers.

Content Summarization and Simplification
AccessiBe’s AI technology can summarize and simplify complex content, making it easier to comprehend for users with cognitive disabilities or learning difficulties. This feature enhances inclusivity by ensuring that all users can access and understand the information provided on the website.

How can AccessiBe benefit Riverworks Marketing clients?

The services above can be lifesavers for your customers with disabilities, but there are also broader benefits to website ADA compliance that businesses like yours can make the most of.

Improved Accessibility Compliance
AccessiBe helps businesses meet and maintain accessibility standards, such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and 2.2. By automating accessibility adjustments, AccessiBe simplifies the process of achieving compliance, saving time and effort.

Legal Protection
AccessiBe’s website ADA compliance helps protect businesses from potential legal issues related to accessibility non-compliance. Accessibility lawsuits have become increasingly common, and having a comprehensive solution like AccessiBe in place demonstrates a commitment to accessibility and reduces the risk of legal complications.

Enhanced User Experience

By making websites accessible to a wider range of users, AccessiBe enhances the overall user experience. It enables individuals with disabilities to navigate websites independently, fostering inclusivity and equal access to your information, products, and services.

Positive Brand Image
Investing in website ADA compliance demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility. By implementing AccessiBe, businesses can enhance their brand image by promoting equal access and providing a user-friendly experience for all users.

Get in Touch with Your Account Manager to Add Accessibe

For businesses in Chattanooga and beyond, AccessiBe offers a comprehensive solution for website ADA compliance. The service provides benefits such as compliance with accessibility standards, automation, user-friendly interface adjustments, compatibility with assistive technologies, content simplification, legal protection, improved user experience, and more. Contact your Account Manager to get started on making your website more accessible for everyone!