Improve Your Branding, Beyonce Style: Marketing Lessons from Pop Music

Marketing is a delicate balance between being authentic, human, and empathic, and getting your brand messages across. If you make too hard a sell, customers won’t trust you and will feel you don’t have the best interests at heart, only their own bottom line. If you are too fluffy and friendly, you’ll never get in […]

Wearable Devices and the Future of Advertising

I’d admittedly been skeptical whenever Google Glass was mentioned in the news— it seemed creepy and intrusive. Surely it would be the next step to everything in The Terminator and Blade Runner and iRobot coming to pass. Also, how are you supposed to drive in that thing? Then I actually had the opportunity to try […]

Empathize With Your Audience for Stronger Marketing

One of the hardest things about marketing is to really put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Not how you see that demographic, but how they see themselves. It takes a mix of empathy, imagination, and research to really understand any given audience’s goals, wants, needs, hopes, and wishes. The better you understand your audience, the […]